About The Founder

Betty B. Louie, Founder

Betty B. Louie established and funded The Kim and Harold Louie Family Foundation in December 2005 because of her desire to honor the memory of her parents and to fund qualified organizations engaged in healthcare, including but not limited to, those organizations caring for and supporting disabled people, organizations engaged in medical research and such other organizations that seek to improve the conditions and technologies for sick and disabled people. In addition, Ms. Louie, through the Foundation, hopes to support organizations promoting organized religion. Ms. Louie is also passionate about education, and she is especially committed to the promotion of youth and underserved and underprivileged groups, by among other things, granting scholarships to qualified individuals to attend post-secondary vocational and/or educational institutions. Most importantly, because Ms. Louie’s father, Mr. Harold Louie, was a former WWII veteran, and because of Ms. Louie’s involvement in servicing disabled veterans in her professional career, the Foundation gives special consideration to all military members and their families, for their dedication and service in defending the democracy of the United States and their selflessness so that other citizens of the U.S. can continue to enjoy this land of opportunities.

Ms. Louie spent her formative years in Cleveland, Ohio, where she graduated as valedictorian of her high school class and attended Case Western Reserve University. After college, she came to California in 1974 and now considers California to be her home. Ms. Louie co-founded one of the nation’s leading provider of disability evaluation services company, with the United States Department of Veterans Administration being one of the company’s clients. Ms. Louie was instrumental and successful in running the day-to-day operations of the company to ensure timely delivery of services with highest quality and exemplary customer relations. Ms Louie believes in providing opportunities to those who has the aspirations to become a better person and to make a difference in the lives of others. She always has a place in her heart for the hard working immigrants and the noble and courageous men and women of the United States military services.

About Kim and Harold Louie

Harold Louie was an extraordinary man who endured and overcame great adversity during his life. Mr. Louie immigrated to the United States from the province of Canton, which is located in the southern part of China, in his mid twenties. He left a wife and a son in China and came by himself to look for his father, who had already emigrated from China to the United States ten years earlier. Like many immigrants during that time, he struggled with hardships of learning a new language, being unable to find work and barely making ends meet. He resorted to joining the U.S. Army hoping for a better life. Meanwhile, his wife back in China passed away, leaving a son who was cared for by Mr. Louie’s mother. Shortly after he joined the military, the United States entered World War II, and he was stationed in Beijing, China. He always mentioned the time he spent in the Army with his troop buddies as some of the most memorable ones. He was honorably discharged after World War II and went home to Canton, China to reunite with his family. During this time, he married his second wife, Kim. In 1951, Mr. Louie returned to the United States where he helped his sister with managing a family restaurant in Cleveland, Ohio. As soon as his life gained some stability, he tried every method possible to bring his family to the United States. In 1955, he took advantage of an immigration treaty which allowed immigrants to bring families to the United States and started the process of applying for his family in China to join him in the United States. Finally, in 1961, he reunited with his beloved wife, Kim and their two children, including Betty. In Cleveland, Mr. Louie raised a family of three children, including Betty, with his beloved wife, Kim.

Kim Louie was the dedicated wife of Harold Louie and the devoted mother of three children, Betty, Norman and David. Mrs. Louie immigrated to the United States from Canton, China in 1961 to reunite with her husband, Mr. Harold Louie after 13 years. Despite being born in China during an era when girls were not afforded many opportunities for education, Mrs. Louie developed a love of learning very early in her life and instilled in her children the value of education. She also fostered a love for family and a dedication to hard work in her children.

Mrs. Louie was also a devout Christian, who was an active member of the choir at church. She sang with such passion and loudness that everyone can’t help but feel the magnetism in her. Though both her Chinese and English were not good, she continued to force herself to learn to read the Bible everyday and attended Bible studies every week. She loved to cook for her fellow church members as one of her ways of showing her affection and love for fellowship in Christ. Mrs. Louie’s life exemplified the Christian values of compassion, humility, hope and love, and she imparted those values to her family.

In December 2005, Ms. Betty Louie, Kim and Harold Louie’s only daughter, established The Kim and Harold Louie Family Foundation to honor the memory of her two extraordinary parents.

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